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January 21, 2004

Now Blogging from the Outer Boroughs...

by Ron Hogan

Well, the cable guy came by the new apartment a couple hours ago to set up the boxes and the digital modems...and after twelve years of dial-up access to my personal accounts (except, of course, for when I would telnet into my personal e-mail from work, back in the days when I had "real" jobs with network connections), I'm strictly digital, and loving it so far.

I haven't really done much reading in the last 48 hours, except for flipping through an issue of ReadyMade while waiting for the cable guy and the phone guy, but The Significant Other passed the time at home by reading Leon and the Spitting Image, a children's novel by Allen Kurzweil that's not only great for kids but also instantly identifiable as a Kurzweil story, full of arcane facts and the magic of arts and crafts.

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