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March 06, 2004

Three Cheers for the Avant-Garde

by Ron Hogan

I've known for some time now about David Markson's Vanishing Point, what with the enthusiasm of fellow bloggers and reviewers. But it took an interview in last week's Publishers Weekly (not available online, unless you subscribe) before I finally moved my copy to the top of the reading stack, and I'm glad I did. Other reviewers can attest to the captivating quality of the novel's patchwork assemblage of facts about authors through which the musings of Author flit in and out; I'm just getting started, but I'm hooked. Even though Markson's experimental approach to these existential meditations on artists' lives (and deaths) might make a Book Babe wince, Vanishing Point is not at all "precious" and, in fact, quite readable--addictively so, when you get right down to it--and I seriously doubt that anybody else who loves books, and who loves reading, will respond with anything less than enthusiasm.


If you (or your readers) haven't read the whole series of "collage" books of which VP is the third, you should go back and try the first, Reader's Block. It's actually the best of the three (in my opinion.)

Posted by: Daniel Green at March 6, 2004 04:12 PM

I'm not sure I have a favorite yet but I do agree with Dan about taking all three together - This is Not a Novel being the middle title.

What fascinates and impresses me is that although the device used in all three is basically the same, each book has a distinct character that emerges. Definitely worth going through in order.

Posted by: TEV at March 6, 2004 05:44 PM
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