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April 19, 2004

"Dana Plato Fatality," Rebecca Wolff

by Ron Hogan

Hungry for strangers
it's that time of the month

Making funny faces in the mirror--
take it one step further and
make funny shapes with your body

Pose as Shiva with your palms out toward the mirror

Suffused with that irritant
Parroted internationally

known as train wreck

With oncoming blindness
With incoming invisible

Hungry for appetite
it's that kind of collapsed conveyance

fantasia of recall
unchecked by the poke of vestigial freckles

it's unfortunately visible

and she's crying in the mirror like a pornstar

From Figment, winner of the 2003 Barnard Women Poets Prize.

Wolff is the founding editor of Fence, and in an essay for Jacket she explains why it was necessary to create it. She spills more details in an interview from Bookmouth. The Norton Poets website offers three more poems from Figment. Other works include "4:30 Lakeshore Limited Was in the Past" which appeared in Boston Review, "The Trick of My Life" in The Ampersand, and "Neurological" in Crossconnect.

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