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April 23, 2004

"Still Life with Feral Horse," Lucie Brock-Broido

by Ron Hogan

It is love and its relinquish
I am discussing here,
A sorrel horse loosed

On a salt marsh island
Pelted by high storms,
And furious. He will not

Be handled by human
Hands, not in this given life
Of gratitude and tallow lamps

And famous churlishness.
I have heard tell
That you know how
To kill a man.

From Trouble in Mind.

Brock-Broido is the director of poetry at Columbia's School of the Arts. Thanks to Slate, you can hear her read two other poems in the collection, "Almost a Conjuror" and "Leaflet on Wooing." Trouble in Mind is dedicated to Lucy Grealy, as is its lead poem, "The Halo That Would Not Light."

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