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April 30, 2004

Great Moments in "Duh!"
Or, Joe Wilson: Now It Can Be Told

by Ron Hogan

So the embargo is lifted, and it can be announced: Ambassador Joseph Wilson thinks the guy who leaked his wife's identity as a CIA agent was probably Lewis Libby, but maybe Elliott Abrams. Which will come as absolutely no surprise to anybody who's been following the buzz around the official investigation, in which both those names have been floated extensively.

Really, all this hype for what was already everybody's educated guess? If The Politics of Truth wasn't such a damn good book, I'd be a bit more righteously outraged at the blatant manipulation. UPDATE: Meanhwile, Joshua Marshall corrects the Times on the matter of what exactly the White House has committed itself to saying about Libby's or Abrams' alleged culpability.

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