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June 17, 2004

I Would Have Served Coke in Bottles,
But I'm Fairly Tactless

by Ron Hogan

The basement of Bloomingdale's Soho seems like an odd place to have a book party, what with making sure you don't put your cocktail glass down on the $175 shirts, but I'm not one to complain, especially when they're serving little pieces of filet mignon on potato chips. Details had gotten a bunch of people together to celebrate Jerry Stahl's new novel, I, Fatty, in which Fatty Arbuckle's butler drags the disgraced comedy star's story out of him. I was able to chat with Stahl for a moment about our mutual enthusiasm for the "twisted true stories" of the golden age of Hollywood, and soon we were rapping about two of our favorites, A Cast of Killers and Sex and Rockets. If Amy Sohn hadn't come by to say hello before her Judy Blume reading, we probably would've gotten around to the death of Lupe Velez...

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