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October 14, 2004

Another Hundred People Just Started Blogs

by Ron Hogan

My editor on The Karen Black Project is also here in Los Angeles looking at 30-year-old production stills with me, and as it happens, Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor, the co-authors of her big book for this fall season were being feted by KCET because their book, Broadway: The American Musical, is also a six-part PBS documentary airing next week.

Watch it. You will be entertained. The highlight reel I saw included featurettes on Cole Porter, Comden & Green, Sondheim, Michael Bennett and some of the current hit shows, and the combination of archival footage and talking heads is just really superb. What I've seen of the book has been pretty damn impressive as well, and though this excerpt doesn't have any of the photos, but it'll give you a feel for what they're up to.

The party/screening. held at an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screening room, drew quite a few stars with musical theater backgrounds. I could have sworn I saw Donna McKechnie, but my editor wasn't able to confirm it. She did, however, point out George Furth and William Daniels to me, though I'm rather saddened she didn't introduce me to the latter as "Michael," as I figured it would be a great way to get to hear him say the name. (Yeah, I guess it is pretty nerdy, at that.)

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