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October 29, 2004

Shades of Charles McCarry, Even!

by Ron Hogan

I greatly enjoyed Lawrence Kolb's Overworld when I reviewed it for Publishers Weekly a while back: "As Kolb spins a tale of international intrigue in which he does everything from accompany Muhammad Ali on a mission to free American hostages in Beirut to introduce Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega to an Indian holy man, it's awfully tempting to consider him a hoaxster à la Chuck Barris," I led off, "but all it takes is a little online research to produce corroborating details." The real-life intrigues are fascinating, and he's got a great eye for the details of spycraft, so Overworld could appeal to folks who like Dominick Dunne-style immersions into the world of the rich and famous as easily as it will appeal to thriller fans. But Kolb's got another trick up his sleeve, according to Publishers Lunch.

As Michael Cader reports today in the New York Sun, " Kolb promises to reveal the full details of a sensational case in which he says one American citizen has already been arrested, with the other still being sought by law enforcement authorities. The men, both described as 'rogue former CIA agents with long ties to the Republican National Committee,' concocted a scheme to create the appearance of 'a trail of money--contributions--from Al Qaeda' directly to a high-ranking Kerry campaign official."

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