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December 01, 2004

Scarier than "Monster Chiller Horror Theater," Even

by Ron Hogan

"Literary blogs," the Housing Works Café website tells us, "have become the must-read publications for booksellers, publishers, journalists and lovers of literature from around the world." Which means that according to my server stats, a lot of those people are holding out...or maybe they're just devoting all their attention to Maud Newton, Bookslut, BookNinja, and Moorish Girl. Dennis Loy Johnson, impresario of the recently revived, has somehow convinced the four of them to allow me to share the spotlight with them this Friday night (7:00 p.m.) at the café, where he'll pepper us with questions as part of "What the Blog? The Terrifying World of Literary Websites." Come on down--you're bound to leave asking yourself pensively, "This is what I was afraid of?"

And if you can't make it, because you're busy or don't live in New York, C-SPAN will apparently be taping it for Book TV, which means you'll be able to see it every weekend, just after Lyndon Johnson's White House tapes.

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