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December 14, 2004

Lindsay Faith Rech's Holiday Gift Suggestion

by Ron Hogan

faithrech.jpgLindsay Faith Rech is a young Philadelphia author who has written two novels for Red Dress Ink: Losing It and, quite recently, Joyride. She's also a professional journalist who's worked on the editorial staff of Bucks County newsmagazines and wrote a weekly column for a New Jersey paper.

Got a woman on your holiday list whoís just completely hard to shop for? Before you call it quits and go the gift card route, consider surprising her with Whitney Gaskell's delicious new book, True Love (and Other Lies). What struck me most about this book--aside from the rubenesque heroineís hysterical plight of living in a culture "where the last two full-figured women to achieve prominence were Monica Lewinsky and Anna Nicole Smith"--was the absolute realism with which Gaskell crafted her story. As a chick lit reader, I often feel like an amused observer peering into some lovely but alternate universe, but this book immediately threw me into travel writer Claire Spencer's three-inch chunky-heeled black boots, and I was with her every step of the way, feeling her emotions with the turn of each page, needing to know what would happen next. Nothing is as it seems in this book. All characters--even the quirky, secondary ones--have layers...and, more interestingly, motives.

I devoured True Love (and Other Lies) in one day. Buy this sweet diversion for any woman looking to sink her teeth into something sassy and fresh this holiday season, and, ladies, donít forget to grab a copy for yourselves--itís just that good. Happy Holidays!

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