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December 14, 2004

"Get Me Out of This Goddamn Box"
Will Be Automatically Disqualified, So I'm Screwed

by Ron Hogan

Thursday night (the 16th), Soft Skull Press is hosting "the Bill Hicks Birthday Party" at the Bowery Poetry Club, and celebrating the publication of Love All the People, a selection of Hicks' writings and routines. Theater critic John Lahr, who provided the book's foreword, will be on hand for the occasion.

The press is also sponsoring "What Would Bill Hicks Say?" The winner of this contest, the nature of which is fairly self-evident from the title, will be flown to the Salvador Dali Museum, which will apparently be closing up an exhibit on mass culture and isn't expecting a semi-public awards ceremony. Unless they've got online access, I suppose.

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