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December 28, 2004

John Irving's Kids Feel Left Out

by Ron Hogan

Page Six reports in Tuesday's edition that Alexandra "daughter of Tom" Wolfe is renting office space from Michael "son of Norman" Mailer so she can work on her novel:

"I told my dad and he didn't really seem concerned. He was more concerned that it was far away from home--we live on the Upper East Side," Alexandra [told the Post]. "He thought that an office in TriBeCa was a little impractical, but he hasn't said anything about the whole feud--yet."

Impractical indeed. Can you imagine--poor Alexandra might have to walk several blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4-5-6 stop to her office! Of course, the fact that she's (apparently) still living with the 'rents would probably explain how a 24-year-old reporter can afford to spend her book advance on TriBeCa office space instead of holing up in her bedroom like any other struggling novelist... and if that's what Papa Wolfe means by "impractical," then I kinda see his point. Though a quiet workspace is pretty damn appealing; I myself favor the (free!) Rose Room of the New York Public Library when I'm not ensconced in the living room late at night...

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