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December 30, 2004

I Would Prefer the Stoppard Script, But That's Me

by Ron Hogan

There was a hullaballoo recently about how New Line's adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, scripted by Chris Weitz, was going to undercut the theological themes so as not to offend the potential viewership among religious Americans. Pullman responds on his website by lambasting the press for distorting the reasons for the thematic changes between book and film and for distorting his reaction to the developments:

"'In an interview with The Times last year, Pullman was asked whether turning his books into films would compromise his vision. 'Why say yes when they come to you with large amounts of money? I can't imagine why,' he replied, laughing.'

I did indeed say those words. But it wasn`t in answer to that question."

Pullman adds, "I would not have sold the rights to New Line if I thought they were incapable of making an honest film from the story I wrote." And something in the tone of the rest of the piece tells me he won't be pulling an Ursula on his fans when the actual film comes out.

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