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January 05, 2005

This Is Why I Became a Writer: To Go Drinking With Writers

by Ron Hogan

Erik Barmack, the author of The Virgin (which comes out next week, and which I'll have something to say about very soon), has been kind enough to invite me to a monthly informal gathering of writers here in New York for the last couple months, but because I was so busy with Stewardess, I just wasn't able to get out to one until last night. I'm so glad I went, though--in addition to finally meeting Erik in person, I also reconnected with co-organizer Nic (Girls) Kelman and several other writers I've met at readings in recent months, including Merrill Feitell, Lisa Dierbeck, Felicia Sullivan, Tom Bissell, and Annie Murphy Paul. Plus I was reintroduced to Annie (The Making of June) Ward, who got me very excited about an upcoming reading by her friend, former CIA case officer Lindsay Moran. So that's something to look forward to here next week, perhaps.

I also ran into fellow bloggers Alex and Lindsay, who are collaborating on a novel. Alex recently returned to his blog after a hiatus that was deemed noteworthy enough for a NYT mention; I overheard Erik ask why he stopped and why he started again, and his reply was perfect: "Boredom with writing the blog and boredom with not writing the blog."

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