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January 14, 2005

Notebook Fetishists, Unite!

by Ron Hogan

My friend Elisabeth "E. Bess" Genco spotted a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy entry on moleskine notebooks, which I've been using for a couple years now, which puts me (and the Significant Other) in the same company of great writers like Luis Sepulveda and Neil Gaiman. (Not to mention Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemingway, but their moleskines haven't seen much action lately...)

By the way, if you're into the musicblog scene, check out E. Bess's new blog, Sonicdiary, where she writes about her pop memories with best friend (and McSweeney's contributor) Bethany Round.

UPDATE: BoingBoing tells me that technology columnist Jeremy Wagstaff is also a moleskine enthusiast of sorts, and he shared his interest with WSJ readers. His blog's got even more detail, though, so make sure you go there, too!

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