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March 02, 2005

In Further Celebration of Women Writers

by Ron Hogan

Jennifer Weiner has some thoughtful reactions to yesterday's guest appearance by Meg Wolitzer, proposing that far from being "apolitical," the novels of the Pink Ladies "all have politics as their underpinning: the politics of the boardroom, the politics of the bedroom, the dance that goes on in the workplace between women and men and or young women and older women; the conversation that goes on at home between husbands and wives about money and work when babies come along." She also has great things to say about Judy Budnitz, an author I recently tracked in my other blog, Beatrix. I'm with Jen on this one: I'd love to see more profiles of Budnitz in the mainstream media; hell, I'd love to see some more reviews. As it is, I might not even be able to make it to her reading here in New York next Wednesday (3/9), which is shaping up to be a swell night for readings in the city: Hannah Tinti, Lynn Messina, and Jen Sincero will all be out in force that evening, not to mention that it's Cupcake Night (with a graphic novel focus) and "Insomniac Reader Night" at Amanda Stern's Happy Ending series.

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