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March 03, 2005

Get Used to Going to Bed Early

by Ron Hogan

Aaron Matz (Slate) explains why American readers won't find out how In Search of Lost Time ends until 2018, and why that's a damn shame:

"Despite all their connections to the earlier volumes of the novel, The Prisoner and The Fugitive (along with the second half of Sodom and Gomorrah) constitute a novel unto themselves, a total fiction. They describe possession, jealousy, renunciation—obsessions native to every section of Proust's novel, but nowhere else articulated in such exhaustive detail and with such relentless energy."

(And, yes, I know, and Matz knows, that we can always go back to Scott Moncrieff, or order online from England...although I'm wondering if maybe a road trip to Canada might be of any use.)

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