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March 11, 2005

Otherwise Engaged to Party

by Ron Hogan

goudge.jpgThat's me with Eileen Goudge, at the tail end of a great party at her midtown carriage house to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, Otherwise Engaged. (I upgraded to a new cell phone with a camera attachment last week specifically so I could start showing you pictures from all the readings and book parties, but then of course everything until last night was either in a dimly lit bar or I was too far away to get a good shot.) In addition to getting to chat with Eileen and her husband, Sandy Kenyon, I met up with a newly minted yoga instructor who had become friends with the author after emailing her a fan letter, which I thought was very cool. I started reading the novel on the subway ride back to the Outer Boroughs; it seems like it could be pretty fun, with a romantic twist on the whole "life swap" meme that's become such a staple on reality TV.

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