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March 23, 2005

Next Stop, Greenwich Village

by Ron Hogan

Employees Only, the hip Village dining spot of the moment, was certainly packed last night, as Lucky editor-in-chief Kim France threw a party to celebrate the publication of René Steinke's new novel, Holy Skirts. The crowd was a mix of literati, fashion folks, and music press (Steinke's husband writes for Blender), and I found myself chatting to Pia Catton, the NY Sun reviewer, who told me she loved the novel so much she was missing subway stops while reading it. I also spotted Steinke's cousin, Darcey, making her way through the crowd; she has a new novel out as well. And I ran into Galaxy Craze, who I interviewed back in 1999. She was kind enough to give me some tips about what City Hall's going to be like next month when the Significant Other and I go make things legal.

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