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April 12, 2005

She Loves L.A.

by Ron Hogan

Judith Regan is moving to Los Angeles "to spend more time on television and film projects," reports Edward Wyatt (NYT). The article comes fresh on the heels of a Telegraph profile of America's leading Scott Peterson sex book publisher that bounces off the "breathtakingly unflattering" Vanity Fair story from a few months back but offers no inkling of her California plans. Although reporter Tom Leonard does note many of the complaints against Regan by others in the publishing world, the piece seems largely sympathetic--and New York readers will notice that the thing that's kept her in the public eye as much as the VF article in recent months is conspicuously not discussed.

My belief is that if even half of what they say is true, Regan's no-holds-barred approach to publishing and her demonstrable savvy for a good story will make her a raging success in Hollywood, and I expect we'll still be hearing about her hot books from the other end of the country. Mark Sarvas, get ready for LA's publishing boom!

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