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April 13, 2005

One of the Few Times a New Yorker Can Say
"Liquor Up Front..." With a Straight Face

by Ron Hogan

I've mentioned Toby Leah Bochan and her Badass Girl's Guide to Poker here before. And we know poker's hot now, because even NYTBR tells us so. So if any of the women reading this blog want to improve their games, and you're free tonight, $25 will get you into her "Ladies Only Absolute Beginner" class at the Baggott Inn. (Don't feel left out, guys, there's a co-ed class in two weeks.) I've played in a charity tournament with Toby, so I know how good she is, and I can safely say you're going to come away from the table a lot smarter about the cards than when you sat down.

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