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April 15, 2005

Free Culture Meets Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
(And Other Odds and Ends)

by Ron Hogan

  • I had wished that I was able to see Jeff Tweedy and Lawrence Lessig talk about intellectual property rights and the 'net last week, but a scheduling conflict kept me away. Fortunately, Andrew Hultkrans did go and wrote about the evening for Artforum, as did David Carr for NYT*. And Steven Berlin Johnson, who moderated the talk, uses his blog to point to the webcast of the event, though neither he nor I could actually get the thing to work.

  • When I first saw Poesy Galore, I was psyched...and then I realized that the woman who writes it probably isn't that Emily Lloyd (and whatever happened to her, anyway?), but then I got psyched again because it's a very entertaining poetblog. Springboarding from there, I discovered more poets blogging: C. Dale Young (Avoiding the Muse, Dan Nester (God Save My Blog), and Kelli Russell Agadon (Book of Kells)--among others; start link-hopping and see!

  • Backstory has been running essays from a good mix of writers lately. This week it was suspense guy Joseph Finder talking about how he managed to make his latest novel, Company Man, just different enough from his last one to keep himself excited while staying close enough to it to hang on to the fans it acquired; the week before, Kathleen O'Reilly described how a newfound love of Manhattan led to The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul.

  • Everything Terry Teachout says in this post about why artists should take a serious approach to getting themselves online applies to writers, so I hope any writers here who haven't seen Terry's post already will read it.

*Lessig has his own thoughts about that latter article, as it happens.
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