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May 11, 2005

Try the House of Blogs; It's Quicker If You Jog

by Ron Hogan

Web del Sol expands upon the basic blogroll with the House of Blogs, which features representative posts from its favorite bookblogs (full disclosure: I'm on the list) as well as full feeds from Bookslut and Conversational Reading. It also prominently features two "partner blogs," a poetry-themed collaborative site called The Great American Pinup and Bay Area journalist Frances Dinkelspiel's Ghost Word.

Meanwhile, Rachel Leibrock of the Sacramento Bee looks at bloggers with books, and wonders: "Isn't there something strangely converse going on here? After all, people visit blogs because--instead of being static, like books--they're regularly updated, sometimes on the hour." Actually, I was under the impression that people visit blogs because they like the writing, a theory which would do more to explain why somebody might want to read a blogger's book than the constant updating thing. As the editor who bought I'm Not the New Me, the memoir by Wendy McClure, says, Wendy got a book deal because she's a "real writer [...] Wendy's book proposal... was enough to show me that her abilities went beyond blogging."

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