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May 12, 2005

This Is How We Keep Score, Snap Snap!

by Ron Hogan

So far, with the exception of the always-funny David Rees, I've been pretty underwhelmed by The Huffington Post, but even I had to crack a smile watching David Mamet react Wilde-ly to current events:

"I have just heard that John Simon has been fired from the post he long disgraced at New York Magazine. In his departure he accomplishes that which during his tenure eluded him: he has finally done something for the American Theatre."

Of course, there was only one thing worse than being talked about by John Simon, and that was...nah, too easy. (Hmmm. Rees, Mamet, David Frum, Larry David...maybe David Lee Roth should be trying to get work from Arianna?)

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