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June 03, 2005

As You Read This, I'm Wandering Around BookExpo

by Ron Hogan

Thanks to everybody who came to the Litblog Co-op party last night; I won't try to mention names, because I know I'll leave a ton of you out. Well, okay, one name, but only because Justine Larbalestier happened to win one of the signed copies of Case Histories we raffled off right around the time I discovered her blog. Speaking of recently discovered author blogs, you should also check out YA authors Holly Black and Marly Youmans (and keep an eye out for Marly's adult fiction as well). Meanwhile, POD-dy Mouth is a fun new blog by a novelist who's started anonymously reviewing print-on-demand books.

Finally, Drawing of the Day is really more of a sketch book than a blog, I suppose, but Don Nace has done a really fabulous job of presentation, and I suspect you'll find his art as arresting as I did once you let a few images sink in.

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