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June 16, 2005

Your Kids Can Build the Blogosphere of Tomorrow

by Ron Hogan

In conjunction with the release of  Esme Raji Codell's Diary of a Fairy Godmother, Hyperion's childrens book division is running a sweepstakes for young bloggers such as "Princess," who starts off:

"...i came round to my grans and went onto the computr to chat to my m8's on msn and then a pop up came up saying enter this competition so i just clicked ENTER then here i am sitting here typing this story."

Well, okay, technically these are "online diaries" rather than "blogs," but anyway some lucky kid's going to get a laptop PC out of the deal. My initial reaction poking around the site was to worry about how exposed the kids might be, what with the public journaling and all, but the handful that had already started their diaries seemed to have a pretty good sense of how little to reveal themselves to strangers, which is somewhat comforting.

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