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June 23, 2005

Pledge Drive Update: 2% of Goal Reached!

by Ron Hogan

Since I made the initial announcement this morning, several readers have already generously offered to help support my plans for an improved Beatrice, and many contributors didn't stop at the suggested $10 mark--which, one person said, "was worth it for the Pankaj Mishra-Paul Elie conversation alone." Every donation was inspiring, though, and less than a day into the pledge drive, I've raised nearly $500.

It's gratifying to discover there are people who care enough about Beatrice that they're willing to support its development like this. If you want to help ensure the editorial improvements I mentioned before, you can still contribute by following that link or using the button in the top corner of the home page. (And I promise that this is the only day you'll hear from me more than once on this subject, and that it won't affect the rest of the content...)

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