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June 24, 2005

Hey Kids, Comics!

by Ron Hogan

Fantagraphics Books, one of the leading independent publishers of comic strip art, has started blogging. Flog! is a combination of promotional bits and reflections on their experiences in the industry, but right now it's worth checking out just to see the goofy facial expressions John Malkovich is making on the set of Art School Confidential, the latest collaboration between writer Dan Clowes and filmmaker Terry Zwigoff.

And though it's been known for about three months that crime writer Denise Mina will be taking over the DC/Vertigo supernatural noir comic Hellblazer--which you might dimly remember they used as the basis for a Keanu Reeves movie earlier this year--it's just now that we're seeing the first in-depth public discussion about her plans for the character (although hints have been dropped here and there). She describes the process of writing her first scripts for comics to Newsarama: "Itís so different from writing prose, I can actually feel bits of my brain coming alive as I try to imagine all these still images."

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