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June 29, 2005

Pledge Drive Update: Still Going Strong

by Ron Hogan

pledgedrive.pngSince Monday's announcement, a few donors have stepped forward with donations of $20 or more, gaining the opportunity to choose free books from Vintage/Anchor. But you can still get yours rather easily by contributing today*--and when those run out, there are other prizes in the works from other publishers... As for the tally, well, I'm still looking to break $1,000, but I understand these things take time. I'll try to make the periodic reminders as non-obtrusive as possible; those of you who have already contributed can now take the little logo at the start of this paragraph as your cue to skip ahead to the next item whenever you see it...

Thanks go out to Dan Wickett, who took the opportunity to mention my fundraising efforts in one of the earliest items for his new Emerging Writers Network blog. Like many bloggers, I've been avidly reading Dan's interviews and reviews, and it's good to see them in a handy, RSS-able format now! Dan's not the only one who's been kind enough to mention it on his site, of course; thanks go out to the rest of you as well...and for those of you media types I know are reading this, I am available for interviews, if you think there's a story here.

*And for the PayPal-reluctant, I do take me if you're interested!
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