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July 11, 2005

Nothing Is Ever Off the Record, Really

by Ron Hogan

In today's Page Six, Owen King is quoted as telling a Post book critic that he doesn't want Christopher Rice to review his collection for NYTBR, We're All in This Together, because "it would make a mockery of all my hard-earned efforts." What with Christopher being the son of Anne Rice, and Owen being the son of Stephen King, you understand (not to mention the perennially overlooked Stan Rice and Tabitha King). After wrapping my head around the concept that he'd actually say something like that to a working journalist, I'm not quite sure why he dreads the prospect quite so much; after all, if it's a horror tag King wants to avoid, well, Rice isn't exactly following in his mother's footsteps--not the vampiric ones, anyway. But now I'm tempted to lay odds that, just to mess with King's head, Sam Tanenhaus goes and assigns the book to Mary Jane Clark.

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