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July 11, 2005

Oh, the Irony

by Ron Hogan

Despite some flirtations with the format, Tom Dolby isn't blogging because he'd rather save the good stuff for his fiction:

"I'm certainly not the first person to express a dissenting voice about this. When I was in San Francisco recently as a Library Laureate, I spoke with the writer Ayelet Waldman about it. 'Don't do it,' she said. 'Blogging will ruin your life.' Several months ago, Waldman wrote about her own experience in Salon, concluding that when she was blogging, 'The fertile composting that I count on to generate my fiction was no longer happening.'"

It is, of course, the opinion of several readers that writing for Salon isn't doing Waldman any better on that front than blogging was, except for the cash. (Or should one say "wasn't"? According to her biweekly schedule, Waldman's latest column should have been last week, but there's no sign of her.)

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