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July 14, 2005

Listen Up You Primitive Apes!

by Ron Hogan

Usually, you'll recall, I find the Salon book section about a month behind the East Palookaville Gazette when it comes to the books and writers it features, but they can be pretty good at landing celebrity interviews in a timely fashion. Witness the conversation with Bruce Campbell, whose Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way has been pretty darn funny so far, and I can't wait until next week when I'll get to finish it. Why write a novel starring yourself just a few years after your memoir, you may ask?

"Honestly, it all boiled down to the fact that it didn't make sense to write anything else that was autobiographical. Mostly because, as I joked in the book, according to my publisher I hadn't done enough to warrant another one. So this was a way to put together material that doesn't fall too far from my tree, so to speak."
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