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July 28, 2005

Party All the Time, Party All the Time...

by Ron Hogan

I went out to another book party last night--this time for Jennifer van der Kwast's Pounding the Pavement. On the subway ride in, I read the opening chapters, and I'm quite impressed with the voice that van der Kwast establishes for herself; a lot of first-time chick lit writers can come up with plots but fall a bit short on characterization and tone, but she does a pretty good job of getting it right in what I've seen so far.

I had a great time chatting with Jennifer about her plans for next week's reading at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope (don't be surprised if it turns a bit Andy Kaufman-esque, is all I'm saying), and also ran into fellow blogger Rachel Kramer Bussel and the writing team of Robin Epstein and Renée Kaplan.

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