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August 05, 2005

See It Before the Lawyers Do!

by Ron Hogan

airpirates.jpgJust got home from The Aristocrats and discovered (via BoingBoing, which got it from Drawn) that some generous soul has scanned and uploaded the complete text of the 1972 underground comic Mickey Mouse Meets the Air Pirates. As Drawn explains:

"The Air Pirates were a group of underground cartoonists (Dan O’Neill, Ted Richards, Bobby London, and Gary Hallgren) who were sued by Disney in 1972 thanks to the way (as you can read) the group drew Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters smuggling drugs and performing lewd sexual acts."

I picked an image that gives you an idea of what's in store that's still tame when seen on its own; most of the comic is definitely not safe for work. My best advice: follow the link, click on the cover, click through the warning image, then keep hitting "next image." It takes a while to get to the actual Disney parody, but the "Dirty Duck" and "Silly Sympathies" strips are pretty good, too.

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