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December 11, 2007

The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists

by dj

We make to-do lists, shopping lists, wish lists...but somehow our lists just don't ROCK. The ones in this new book do....The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists is the handiwork of Handsome Dick Manitoba of the  Dictators and Amy Wallace of the original Book of Lists. They're billing this book as "Essential bathroom reading!!!! " but we like it at the breakfast table, actually. We loved learning how about The Pogues got their name and what Mario Batali's favorite pizzas in the world are. (What does that have to do with punk rock? According to this tome, pizza is the MOST punk rock food of all.)

Anyhow, we have a brand-new copy of The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists to give lace up your Doc Martens and add a comment to this post to be automatically entered to win! (Just kidding about the Doc Martens--you can be wearing fluffy bunny slippers and we'll still give you your prize if you win!)

Also, we figured we'd give our bookburger pop quiz to the punk authorities who penned this book. Both Amy Wallace and Handsome Dick answered....

Who is your favorite writer that most people have never heard of?

Robert Aickman, Algernon Blackwood -- Edith Wharton --- you may know her -- Yasunari Kawabata who remains the only Japanese Nobel Prize for literature winner, T.E.D. Klein -- 4 stars. - Amy

What kid or teen books rocked your world growing up?

First horror -- Roald Dahl's grown-up then kid books; Peanuts; Dr. Seuss; a British fruitcake workaholic named Enid Blyton, who never hit over here. A Wrinkle in Time.  Ray Bradbury. "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster; and (HOW COULD I FORGET!): COMICS!  ALL KINDS, especially Marvel, early Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, etc.  I was never without a comic in my hand and was allowed to read them at the dinner table.  That's how I acquired a very large vocabulary really young. Any dirty books I could steal from my parents' shelves. - Amy

Describe your ideal place to write.

In bed by hand. - Amy

Your life is a TV series. Name the theme song, one event that would be on the "best of" episode, and one that would be on the blooper reel.

-The Handsome Dick Manitoba Program
"The Party Starts Now"
500 Rock and roll fans in Gijon, Spain,DEC. 1, 2006 singing , "Happy Birthday",in English, to my son Jake Koufax Manitoba on his birthday, while I was about to start singing "The American Ruse", with DKT/MC5.

BLOOPER EPISODE:  "One Too Many Quaaludes"...The band was at rehearsal already on Manhattan's west side,and didn't know where I was, and neither did I, 'cause I took one too many Quaaludes, and fell asleep on someone's floor...somewhere in Westchester with my pal Claire, from The Bronx. - HDM

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