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March 21, 2008

Don't get me started ... oh, too late

by bookgasm

annoying couchForget all the reasoning behind these "woe is me" stories about the pains of the publishing industry, that suggest it's hurting because of the lack of a HARRY POTTER-like blockbuster or the splintering of entertainment options. No, I think the real reason behind the booksellers' declining fortunes is due to the people who crap in their public bathrooms. And who sit on the floor in the sci-fi section. And who go there to "study."

They're all part of the nine most annoying people I always see at the bookstore, and it's high time they be called out.

Elsewhere at Bookgasm this week, reviews of books instead of people, including Declan Hughes' THE COLOR OF BLOOD, Laurie R. King's TOUCHSTONE, Steve Hockensmith's THE BLACK DOVE, Dan Fesperman THE AMATEUR SPY, an indie horror anthology called DARK DISTORTIONS, DC Comics' second SHOWCASE collection of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD BATMAN TEAM-UPS, and many more – all of which you can find at your local bookstore, albeit as part of a now-dog-eared stack some mooch left in the café area.

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