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December 17, 2004

Have I Mentioned How Much I Like Daniel Handler Yet?

by Ron Hogan

Because I really, really do--and his latest interview, with Dave Shulman of the LA Weekly, just adds to my enthusiasm, even if Dave tries a little too hard to keep up with his subject, character-wise.

[Handler says:] "I mean, if you read twelve novels published for teenagers that are out by major publishers right now, the amount of experimentation--in terms of subject matter, style and language--is just way to the left of the same twelve novels that are gonna be published during the same period by the same publishers but for adults. There’re novels from the point of view of fetuses. Feti? Fetuses. And characters who go blind without reason midway through the novel. And all sorts of things that, if you were writing that for adults, you would only be published by some crazy, leftist, independent press, at best. And instead, if you write that for children, you’re being published by Simon & Schuster."
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