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May 04, 2005

Author2Author: Lynn Messina & Kyra Davis, pt. 2

by Ron Hogan

After exploring the chick lit angle, Lynn and Kyra get busy discussing novels within novels...

Lynn Messina: In many ways,Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte is a story within a story. You are a woman writing about a woman who writes mysteries, and the mysteries your heroine writes have some bearing on your plot. So I'm wondering to what extent you fleshed out her book, Sex, Drugs, and Murder. You begin each chapter with a quote from it. Is that as far as it went or did you in essence find yourself writing two books?

doublelatte.jpgKyra Davis: While writing Sex, Murder And A Double Latte, I belonged to a critique group and a couple of the other members expressed how much they were enjoying Sex, Drugs and Murder and asked if they could read it. The answer was obviously no since it didn't actually exist. I do have a very clear picture of what my protagonist's book is about and who the characters are but I never bothered to sit down and write the whole thing out. The quotes I did include allowed me to include a certain amount of foreshadowing and to use a lot of fun one liners that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to fit in. So I've decided to utilize the technique again in the sequel.
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