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May 04, 2005

Headline Awaits Just the Right Sunday/Sundae Pun

by Ron Hogan

Karen Quinn and Jill Kargman were already deep in conversation when I got to Serendipity yesterday afternoon. Jill had just started talking about attending the Chanel-themed Costume Institute gala in her capacity as a columnist. Jill actually grew up within blocks of the ice cream parlor, so she told us about seeing Andy Warhol in the 'hood when she was younger, then coming back to Serendipity as an Interview staffer when they installed an Andy doll as a hanging decoration.

We got to talking about their novels, and Karen explained how she initially wrote The Ivy Chronicles on a three-month deadline after she left the private school admissions consultancy that inspired her novel, and how she's trying to work out a more comfortable daily schedule as she finishes her second book. Jill, meanwhile, continued her successful collaboration with day school classmate Carrie Karasyov, putting together the plot of Wolves in Chic Clothing over the phone (Karasyov's in Santa Monica), then taking the scenes in alternating stints. The two of them are currently working on a YA novel, to be called Bittersweet Sixteen. (Which she said will be a little bit edgy, but nowhere near as controversial as Rainbow Party.)

While they drank their frozen hot chocolates and I dug into a hot fudge sundae, Karen offered a few suggestions on private school applications for Jill's daughter, while Jill talked about how Karen's 13-year-old might enjoy boarding school, based on her own teenage experiences. Both of them said they love living in and writing about New York City, and have no plans to either move or change themes.

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