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June 08, 2005

More Authors With Blogs

by Ron Hogan

Discovering a fantastic blog called 43 Folders reignited my enthusiasm for David Allen's Getting Things Done (and its sequel, Ready for Anything), and I've been steadily working at applying Allen's advice to treating this blog like any other work project so I can maintain--and improve--my level of (strived for) excellence more effectively and efficiently. (Here's a quick intro to where he's coming from.) Well, now it turns out Allen has a blog. A fairly entertaining mix of personal and professional tidbits: fave restaurants, nifty new apps, that sort of thing.

Susan Thomsen emailed me to point out a faulty link in my BEA coverage, and that led me to her site, Chicken Spaghetti. As she explains, it's "a blog about books for children but written for adults." It's also part of Web Del Sol's House of Blogs, which I've previously noted.

Over at The Lipstick Chronicles, a group blog featuring four mystery authors, Nancy Martin has her say on that NYTBR review: "For someone clearly determined to prove she's Miss Smarty Pants... stooping to name calling seems to this old classroom referee like a cry for help."

(Meanwhile, despite the "warmth and winning lack of pretension in [Melissa] Bank's writing," the New Yorker is as underwhelmed by The Wonder Spot as Curtis Sittenfeld was. On the other hand, rather than wring his or her anonymous hands over comparing Bank to a slut, the capsule reviewer is content to dub the novel "relationship porn"--which, in a crude way, does I think rather get at one of chick lit's major attractions.)

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