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June 13, 2005

Headphones Drown Out Lamentations of Mac Users

by Ron Hogan

The New York Public Library has added audiobooks to its downloadable offerings. But don't plan on listening to the complete works of Jean M. Auel or Jane Austen unless you've got Windows... the plain ol' e-books, however, are in Adobe Reader format, so those you can get even if you're an Apple loyalist like me. Both types of files expire after three weeks, after which you can always check them out again if you weren't finished yet, although I'll admit I find this bit confusing: "If the desired eBook is not available, you may place a hold on the title." Isn't the whole point of making books downloadable that through the miracle of mechanical reproduction they're always available, like they are at Project Gutenberg? (Still, by the way, my favorite source for literature in the public domain, in ASCII files that are easily converted so they can be read on my Handspring...)

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