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June 13, 2005

Imagine If Gilbert & George Designed Their Covers

by Ron Hogan

I was going to mention the Sunday NYT magazine feature on gay romance writers Scott & Scott, but Gawker beat me to it. I was, however, struck by this reponse from gay cultural historian Michael Bronski (whose reviews, I reveal in the interest of disclosure, I used to edit at Amazon) to their assertion that they've written their romances in response to the relentlessly downbeat tone of contemporary gay fiction:

"[W]hile I think it is indeed true that there has never been a sustained effort to write gay male romances, there have been lots of different kinds of mainstream gay male writing with quite positive endings since the 40's: Lonnie Coleman's Sam' Gordon Merrick's The Lord Won't Mind, [and] Christopher Bram's Father of Frankenstein."

Wait a second--doesn't Father of Frankenstein (filmed, you may recall, as Gods and Monsters) end with James Whale drowning in his own swimming pool after a series of debilitating strokes?

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