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June 20, 2005

"Gay Vague" Is the New "Metrosexual"

by Ron Hogan

I did some spend some time earlier this morning ragging on the slow book coverage at Salon, but I have to admit that they seem like sprinters compared to the laughably glacial pace exhibited by the NYT Sunday Styles section, which devoted yesterday's cover to the gay vague look, "a new gray area that is rendering outmoded as Windows 2000." What made it truly hilarious, at least for me, was the idea that there was any ambiguity left in the case of E. Lynn Harris.

Anyway, if you want to give your gaydar a good calibrating, or if you want to do something sophisticated with your loved one, Lincoln Center salutes Gay Pride this week, and tomorrow's event will feature readings by Paula Vogel, David Leavitt, and Allan Gurganus that touch upon "evolving concepts of family in literature and society."

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