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June 27, 2005

If NYT Is Writing About Moleskines,
It Probably Means Ted McGinley's Got One Now*

by Ron Hogan

Six months after I mentioned in passing what was by then already a booming moleskine subculture, Rob Walker's NYT magazine column, "Consumed," discovers the scene. I don't want to make too much of this--it's not like I got in particularly early, either--and it's not quite as behind the curve as the Styles section, which, as part of the new Times obsession with Texas hold 'em, is convinced dead poker legend Stu Ungar is hot, probably because they're just now catching that Michael Imperioli movie on cable. Ah, wait, here's the hook: there's a biography out now. OK, then.

*...and I don't have to tell too many of you what that means. And, of course, this means we can look for a Salon story on the notebooks around the first week of August...
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