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July 06, 2005

Until Then, They Almost All Have Blogs...

by Ron Hogan

After mentioning a few newly discovered author blogs yesterday, I got tips about a few more that promptly got added to the sidebar. First, I can't believe I haven't put Damian McNicholl on the list before now, considering how many times he's appeared here in the past. That oversight's certainly rectified, and right now you can read his friendly email chat with another "Friend of Beatrice," Martha O'Connor. I should also mention Stephanie Lessing, whose She's Got Issues I've just started, and then there's Sheila Curran, author of Diana Lively Is Falling Down. (Don't tell Mrs. Beatrice about the vile husband contest Curran's running on her website, or I'm in for it!) And though I'd noted the website for Dallas Hudgens when I saw him read last month, I hadn't added his blog to the roll; that's taken care of now.

Meanwhile, for everybody whose nose was bent out of shape when the Litblog Co-op picked Kate Atkinson's Case Histories as its first "Read This!" title, take comfort in the minority opinion presented by some of our illustrious members this week: "More than anything else, however, we found this book disappointing on the most basic level: its language." Quite the critical distance from nominating judge Lizzie Skurnick's declaration that "each paragraph, each page, each chapter unfolds with perfect precision, the prose and pacing fully shaped." But that's what makes for lively discussion, right?

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