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July 22, 2005

Can Bookblogs Really Sell Books?

by Ron Hogan

pledgedrive.pngHere's what Beatrice reader Jessica M. said to Mrs. B the other day (posted with permission):

"Every time [Ron] has an author interview on the site I basically feel a deep need to run out and get the book. This is not good for my bank account. I think I am going to make my library maintain a 'Beatrice shelf.'"

I wonder if anybody else reacts the same way. And don't think I haven't heard the vote of confidence for more author interviews--but as I mentioned last month, I'm at the wall in terms of how much time I can spend away from freelance writing in order to make the blog better. In the last month, approximately three dozen readers have donated something in the general vicinity of $900--rather short of the $25,000 goal I set for myself, but I'm grateful to all of you who've contributed just the same. The goal still stands, so if you haven't contributed yet, I hope you'll consider adding to the fund today or in the weeks ahead. I'll be lining up more donors' gifts from various publishers; maybe you'll see something you like!

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