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July 22, 2005

Jolie Case May Prove Me Wrong Yet

by Ron Hogan

An apology is probably in order to the Washingtonienne's agent after I went and criticized her yesterday for her comments on Nadine Haobsh's potential fast-track rise to literary success. As you'll recall, I based my comments on the assumption that "Jolie in NYC" had shut down her blog to keep her job as a beauty editor for a ladies magazine. Well, the site's back up, and she lost her job. Not the one at Ladies' Home Journal, which she was already leaving, but the offer she had from Seventeen.

So, yes, if Haobsh keeps working the blog while she completes her novel and waits for it to be published, and if she continues to build an audience, there is indeed a good chance that she'll be able to convert some of that blog audience into book buyers. But I still say it'd be wrong to "turn on her phone and wait for people to call her" in football, the key to publication is a good offense. Let's see how far her talent can take her!

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