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August 03, 2005

Oh, to Be Jung and Stupid

by Ron Hogan

About a month ago, the call went out in the blogosphere about the Jung family tampering with Deidre Bair's biography in its German-language edition. Today, the NYT picks up the story, adding a lot more details about how it all went down and some important context about how Jung's heirs could get away with stuff in Germany that no American publisher would tolerate.

I do wish, though, that Doreen Carvajal had had the space to reveal more about one aspect of the case:

"In the last few months, the debate has spread to Jung Society meetings and online Jungian forums. Sonu Shamdasani, who is also the author of a Jung biography, published a book critical of the treatment of the psychologist by other biographers, Jung Stripped Bare (Karnac Books, 2004), in which he took aim at Ms. Bair for using anonymous sources to raise questions about Jung's relationships with patients."

As I reported back in June, Shamdasani--who isn't just a Jung biographer, but a colleague of the family--also appears to have turned a London lecture into a full Bair hate-on so intense she openly protested. Furthermore, that public attack appears to form the basis of Jung Stripped Bare. (Admit it: "Karnac Books" makes you think of Johnny Carson, too.)

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