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August 03, 2005

I Showed a Video in Reno Just to Watch It Die...

by Ron Hogan

From Selah March by way of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books comes a description of the "debacle" at the Romance Writers of America awards ceremony last weekend, including "a video and audio rehash of every national and international tragedy that's taken place since 1980, set to a back-drop of kicky tunes from each year represented."

"Imagine, if you will, footage of the tanks rolling through Tiananmen Square with 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' playing in the background. Apparently, only a last-minute edit managed to save the ceremony attendees from being forced to watch the shuttle Challenger explode in mid-air and...AND...the Twin Towers fall. Think about that. All those NYC agents and editors in the audience. Think about it some more."

Nora Roberts was scheduled to emcee the event, but flatout refused, explicitly blaming RWA president Tara Taylor Quinn for turning what should have been "a night of fun and anticipation for the nominees" into "a three-plus hour world history lesson, heavy on disaster, death, politics, war and tragedy." Both March's website and Monica Jackson's have plenty of comments from eyewitnesses who say the evening was indeed that ghastly. But amidst all the squalor, I'm glad to hear that one of my favorite literary chicks, Lani Diane Rich, took home the award for Best First Book. Way to go, Lani!

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